Going Camping? What Type Of Camper Is The Right One For You?

You may have gone camping once or twice before. This trip could have included a basic tent with a couple of comfortable chairs sitting by the fire, or it could have involved renting a trailer or camper for a more at-home experience. What type of camper is the best for you to buy between the three types available? This depends on what you wish to use it for.

Quick Weekend Trips

If you are mainly going to use a camper for a quick weekend getaway now and again, or to head to a campground every weekend during the summer months, then a camper van, roof-top camper or small trailer might fit your needs.

Camper vans or roof-top campers are easy to handle on the road and are able to climb hilly terrain and have better fuel mileage than their counterparts.

If you are looking for more room in your camper, then a trailer that hitches onto your car or truck will be a better choice. There are varying sizes of trailers to choose from, and if you are looking for something just for the occasional weekend, then a small trailer is the better choice. The larger trailers have almost the same comforts of home and less of price tag as a motorhome.

Living in Your Camper

You might have made the decision to sell your home or condo and live on the road in a camper seeing new places or settling down in a warmer climate for the winter months. You have a choice here too. You could opt for a motorhome – a self-driving vehicle that can be equipped with the latest modern fixtures including microwave, granite countertops and a full-size bed. These are perfect for long-term stays of months or years at a time.

You also have the choice of a tiny home. Tiny homes are built on trailer beds so you can take them wherever you want to go easily. They have the fixtures of a home including dishwashers and washer and dryers if you like, and you can design them from scratch or buy one ready-made. They are small however and you might feel you don’t have much room. A motorhome may have adjustable roof or tip-out rooms to create space.

Larger Family

If you have a larger family and want to bring all your kids with you on every camping trip, then a larger trailer might be in order. These large trailers have almost all the amenities of a motorhome, but are able to be hooked to a truck and then unhooked when you want to explore the area. A trailer is more cost effective for families as they don’t tend to burn as much fuel on your vehicle as a larger motorhome, and you can expand the space inside with tip-out rooms if you choose camper designed for it.

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