Make Your Own Target For Some Rubber Band Gun Fun

Buying a handful of rubber band guns for your kids — and a large bag of rubber bands — will occupy them for hours. But, before the youngsters decide to start using each other as targets, it’s a good idea to have a target made. You don’t have to be particularly handy to put together a makeshift target, and you can easily use a variety of household items in the completion of this project. Here’s a simple project that you can tackle before the rubber band guns arrive in the mail, so that the shooting can begin as soon as your kids open the parcel.

Supplies That You’ll Need

Although you’ll be able to build the majority of this simple target with items from your home, you may need to pick up a few items. The foundation of this target can be virtually anything, from a cork board to a large piece of cardboard to a lid from a durable plastic storage container. For targets, you’ll need white plastic lids from yogurt, sour cream or other similar containers. You’ll also need a permanent marker, a geometry compass, hot-melt glue and a hot-melt glue gun.

Making The Target

Once you’ve decided on what the foundation of the target will be, place it on a table. Take a selection of your lids from plastic containers and place them around the foundation item. There’s no specific pattern that you should adopt, but you should aim to set place the lids far enough apart that a child who aims his or her rubber band gun at one target won’t inadvertently hit another target. When you’ve distributed the targets, plug in your hot-melt glue gun and, when the gun is warmed up, place a few small drops of glue on the back of each target and stick them to the foundation. Then, use the geometry compass to draw a circle in the center of each target. Trace each of the circles with your permanent marker, and then assign a numerical value to each lid — 5, 10, 15, etc., as well as a higher score for the smaller circle in the center of each lid.

Playing The Game

Once you’ve finished the target, you can lean it against the wall, hang it from a nail or find any simple way to display it. The premise is simple — your kids shoot their rubber band guns at the various plastic lid targets and try to amass points. You can watch the game and tally up the points. When a rubber band hits the target, write down the appropriate score. The kids can play until one player reaches a score of 100.

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